Garden Coaching and Speaker Topics

As an experienced gardener, I share my love of gardening and making eco-wise choices in the garden.

Gardening Naturally With Claudia 

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The following topics are available for your garden club or civic group. Gardening ideas and the conservation steps to be eco-friendly to nature are the key elements of my talks. These face to face talks are very rewarding to me and I love to put faces to my audience. Call to schedule now so we can have a chance to interact and I can answer any of your questions. 

Building Good Soil, It's only Natural - The Elements of Healthy Soil and How to Achieve it

Building Good Soil, It's a Good Choice - Why the Choices We Make Can Harm the Soil

Organic Lawn Care - Fertilizers, Insecticides, Herbicides, Organic Maintenance

Organic Fertilizers - How They work and Product Descriptions

Pros and Cons of Organic Gardening - Organic Gardening is Different from Chemical         Gardening - The Benefits of Each

Tips for Gardeners  (A Tongue-in-Cheek Tutorial)

Trees - Nature's Filter   - Filtering Our Air, Our Water, and Our Soil

Variations on a Theme - Garden Styles - Don't Know Your Style - 50+ Options 

New Gardener's Glossary - Terms Used in Gardening 

10 Ways to Go Organic - Steps to Turning into an Organic Gardener

Blunderland - Learn from My Goofs

Each talk is approximately 45 minutes in length.  Email me at to schedule a presentation to your club or group. 


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