Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gardening Naturally Mission Statement - Welcome

Welcome to my  garden.  I'm in Zone 6, in Ohio.  

As an avid gardener, my projects took on a life of their own.  Someone asked me once, 'why do you do all of this?'  After some pondering, I answered, 'because I'm an optimist. There is always next year'.

A common thread I found in all of us gardeners is that we are not only nuts, but we are nurturers.  The garden is a living thing, completely dependent on us.

Being this caretaker comes with responibility. How I was tending the garden became a choice - and I took on the obligation to 'do no harm'. 

With this as a theme, I will delve into subjects  here that follow my journey from being unaware of consequences from the manner I was gardening, to an awareness that I was not doing all I could to protect this community, my yard, my health, and I was doing more harm than good with the choices I was making.  

As I envision my space and enrich my space, I also want to enjoy  my space. So I won't be so serious that we can't have some fun too.  Enjoy with me.  Claudia