Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring - A Thing of Beauty

This spring has to be one of the most spectacular I've seen in many years!  The Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio is the setting for these views of crabapple trees.    I've been on campus a lot lately, and the grounds are really easy on the eyes. 

We have had 70 degree days for several weeks now, and trees have exploded with color.  I hope you have had a chance to take in some of these spring events in your area.

Now some reality has set in!  This is in my driveway waiting for me.  My plan is to shovel some, sit some.  Life is good!

This is mushroom compost - a blend of horse manure and spaghnem peat.  I'm going to give the micro organisms in the soil a feast!  We are applying this compost for the second year.  The plants have really good color, stronger stems, and have larger clumps than previously.  I give last year's mushroom compost the credit. 

I'm going to rake some of this compost into thin areas of the lawn too.  

I've been able to divide quite a few of the established perennials in the last few weeks.  I move them around in the garden to fill in bare spots, and the cost is $0. 

Getting plants for free is good, and selling them to eager gardeners is even better.  I've potted up 150 or so starts that I'll put in a plant sale in a few weeks.  One of the joys of gardening is sharing it with others.  By offering plants for sale I can truly say these work in this area. And  at $.50 to $2.00 - 4.00, it is a way for me to subsidize my next trip to the garden center. 

Guess I'd better get outside - The dirt is calling me. 

Do you offer plants to others?  Let me know.  

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