Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Gardening Practices


Gardening Ideas to Reduce Problems

 Most gardening issues are preventable. 

 Weeds, molds,and  insects can be minimal if we practice good gardening methods.  Using water doesn't have to break the bank. 

Healthy when we brought them home from the garden center, plants don't have to dry up and end up in the compost pile. 

Knowing the plant requirements by reading the labels that growers attach to them will go a long way in maintaining a healthy garden.  The label will tell you 1) the plant name.  Usually the common name (what the general public knows it as) and the Latin name will be listed.  This Latin name is specific to each plant.  A juniper (common name) has dozens of varieties.  Size, shape, and color may be different depending on the variety. 
These photos are all junipers, but the size, shape, and texture are certainly different. The tall pyramidal shaped one may be out of place in a bed by the front door, where the lower, ground cover one needs to be. 

Putting the right plant in the right place can save aggravation and money

 The tag will list 2) adult height of the plant.  Save your self a bit of frustration from constantly pruning a plant that has grown too large for the location. 

Mulch is another great preventative for gardening problems. 

Weed seeds are blocked from light, preventing them from germinating. 
 Mulch will hold in moisture so watering is minimal.

Water only the base of plants.  Molds and fungi love to set up on wet foliage. 
 Allowing plenty of air movement around plants will reduce powdery mildew and black spot.
Drip irrigation systems can be economical.  Most large box stores like WalMart and Lowe's have easy do-it-yourself kits. 

Watering only the roots of a plant saves water, and reduces diseases.

Regular clean up of debris reduces moisture and hiding places for insects.

A common sense approach to choosing plants (read the label) and placing plants (right plant in the right place) and weekly maintenance (remove debris) will keep your garden healthy and tidy all season long.

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Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Claudia that is why I am always moving things. Plants in back of plants that grow taller in the front. LOL! All very good tips. Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend.