Thursday, June 24, 2010

Accessories - That Added Element to the Garden

Accessories in the Garden

Children are featured in my garden. Just like gardens, children offer a new beginning, and endless possibilities. 

Small benches invite small ones to sit and enjoy.  (Ok - maybe not this bench!)

Over the years, we have added This and That to the Garden.  

Found these lovelies when our twin grand babies came along.

Fairies live here quietly. 

So quiet, this cat can't find them.

Reflection - Through this door  - to the past or to the future. 

The Gargoyle sits watch. The concrete orb was hubby's creation and the driftwood offers some architectural interest. I've set up this vinnette to fill in an area where hypertufas, being low to the ground, needed a little attention. 

I've tucked these guys among the plants.  They offer just a bit of interest and occasionally a smile.

Yah, I'm lookin at you!

I say the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Franklin Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio.  It was breath taking.  So when I saw these glass picks at the local import store, I couldn't resist. 
This metal sun was embellished with green marbles at the eyes, and the wood frame is mounted on a 12' birdhouse pole. 

By taking the eye upward, the trees, and vines are featured. 

This hose guide was embellished with a wire and bead flower stem.  The guide itself is made from two copper pipes. The smaller one is driven into the soil, and the larger one slips over to spin as the hose crosses it.  With the attached stem, no one trips.

Curtains hide the metal patio supports and give this 'room' a feel of enclosure.   The mirror and wall art reflect the garden - doubling the peacefulness of this setting.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Relax in your space. Enjoy. And Envision all the possibilities.Leave a comment.  I'd love to hear from you. 

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