Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Garden Today - Blooms and Bugs!

As you know, the garden evolves.  Seasons provide changes in the garden. And perennials offer a different show every few weeks. The Daylily, however, changes the garden every 16 hours or so. 

These are some of my beauties today.

The Daylilys are out in force. July 4th, seems to be a 'peak' for my daylilys.  Some are finished blooming, and some will (hopefully) still be around for another month.  I'll let you know how that works!!

I really like the 'spider'.

This is a rebloomer called 'Pardon Me'.  I have it in with 'StellaD'oro'.  The 'Stella' are past their first flush when the 'Pardon Me' comes on.  Makes a nice transition.

The bee balm, Monarda, is over four feet high this year. 


The is "Casablanca'.  If the size of the bloom doesn't catch your eye, the magnificent fragrance will.

The is 'Double Decker' coneflower.  It grows a bloom on bloom. 

Ruby Spider

White Temptation

True white daylilys are hard to find.  But this one comes close.

The Japanese Beetles are awful this year!  Besides arriving three weeks earlier than normal, there are hundreds, if not thousands, this year.  The roses are particularly popular, but the perennial, St John's Wort is a close second. 

Sedums love the dry heat we are having.  And they add nice color.

This sempervivum, will die off after this blooms. 

This campanula is still doing well.  I've had blooms on this since early June, 4 - 5 weeks.

These buds are toad lily.  They are coming on really early this year.  I usually do not have blooms until late August and September. 

Enjoy each day in your garden, or join me again, in mine.  Love having your visit.  


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