Friday, October 22, 2010

Patios Garden - Small Space Gardening

How to Make Your Patio a Garden

No matter what size your space is, you can have an interesting, colorful, and productive garden.  My friend, Luanne has created this whimsical garden on her second floor apartment patio deck.  The space is approximately 5' x 8' and is a lovely array of plant material.

Houseplants that require low light are ideal for this small space. And a woodland setting is achieved by adding hills and dales to the landscape. 

To keep the neighbors below from having soil rain down on them, Luanne placed a waterproof sheet down.  On this, a couple of bags of potting soil were spread out. 

Several Hosta are quite happy in this patio garden.  Low light and 6"-8" of soil keep these guys showy.  This Hosta is not a dwarf or miniature, either.  I believe this is H. Guacamole paired with H. Holy Mole.  The potting soil has been dressed up with a layer of decorative moss, adding to the charm of the space.

Containers are used in this project.  The watering needs of the variety of plants is easier to control and the containers add their own color and texture. 

This lovely patio garden is more than a stage for the plants.  The limited space and proximity to the soil have not caused Luanne to forfeit her need to garden.  With the garden bench in place, Luanne and her guests can sit and enjoy the garden two stories up. 

Thanks for visiting today.  What small space have you created into a garden? 

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