Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Trend in Gardening for 2011

This past year has been a tough one.  The economy is down and we are having to spend more on food, clothing, fuel.  One of the obvious victims of this belt-tightening has been the nursery and garden center industry.  Gardeners are resisting the purchase of annuals and opting for perennials.  The smaller containers are being selected rather than the gallon pots, and this may indeed be the trend for several years to come. 
As households adjust their spending, we, as passionate gardeners, are looking for ways to get our gardening ‘fix’ and not break the bank.  I had such a ‘fix’ last evening as I attended a garden club meeting of the Here and There Garden Club. P1040067

Bob Iiames is a local gardener and speaker.  His topic was “Perennials That Pop”. 
Bob’s passion was evident as he showed us his garden.  The focus of dwarf and unusual conifers was delightful.  The four seasons of color showed how his investment in plant material paid big dividends.  P1040065

How does this fit into the ‘trends’ we were talking about?  Glad you asked!

Consumers like me are seeking out ways to educate ourselves.  We want to make good choices.  GREEN ideas are out there, we just have to look for them.  Gardening books, magazines, TV and radio programming, and classes are being offered.  Local parks and Garden Clubs are seeking out good, knowledgeable folks to help us.  Web sights and Podcasts are becoming more and more available – and easy – to access.  We do not want to waste our Money, our Water, Our Time, and we want to leave our environment better than when we started.

So my #1 Trend for 2011 would be ……(wait for it!)……. Education. 

Plant groups of all kinds are a source of information. Whether you like Hosta, Daylilies, Conifers, Iris, Native Plants, or any number of other plant types, you can find a regional and national organization to suit your interests. Local County Extension offices can offer Master Gardening Courses as well.  Gathering with other gardeners is always a source of good information, and good company.

What groups do you attend?  I'm sure I have left out some.  Thanks for visiting today.


Dawn Thompson said...

Hi Claudia:)

Missing my perennial "friends" already! I enjoy attending a local Hosta society group (as far as membership)and do extensive reading and studying on just about any sort of plant that can be grown in Michigan:) I subscribe to "Moss Musings" e-letter as well. I enjoy your blog also:) Happy New Year!!!

fer said...

You have a very nice blog! thank you for following me