Monday, February 6, 2012

Garden Design - Envision Your Space

No landscape design fits all.  I've encouraged my readers to determine how they want their yard to function - to envision, your space, enrich your space with a few elements, and sit back and enjoy. 

Sunny Red Garden
 I'm going to throw out several ideas for you to consider.  And if you are like me, I freely blend garden styles from one area of the landscape into another. 

 Many times this garden style depends on the sun.  I've put roses and daylilies in a long bed that stretches east to west.  
Formal Knot Garden

Asian Lilies with Daylilies

Sunny border with roses and Veronica

Shade Garden with Yard Art
Other times I have shade that determines the plant types I can successfully grow. 

I refer to  my 'garden style' as 'cottage'.  Not too formal, but there are boundaries.  You may like something different.  

Formal Garden is Raised Container Planting
 Formal gardens are not necessarily high maintenance.  Of course there are straight lines, borders, and shrubs that need a groomed appearance.  But knowing that this is your style, the grooming can be part of your pleasure in the orderliness. 

Accents of White
Tirella foam Flower for Shade

A White Garden

I particularly like white in the landscape.  Even if you don't make all of your plant choices white, I find that dots of white in the garden bed really stand out.  Dusk is when I find white plants really pop!  I had a white azalea (had, until the dog went after a shrew and dug it up!) that seemed to glow in the dark.  Awesome!

Meditation gardens are a style that is often requested.  What do you need for a meditation design?  1) A place to sit.  Benches and chairs do not have to be expensive, but I so believe comfort should be considered a priority.  

Serene Meditation Area
2) Minimum color.  This meditation area should not be a riot of color.  Psychology shows that the eye goes to color.  Therefore, if during your meditation you want to view inner thoughts, you need to minimize the distractions.  Cool, calm, peaceful.  

Calm, Meditation Garden

Japanese Gardens incorporate the symbolism of Earth, Water and Fire.  A water feature is a popular element in the Japanese garden design.  But I have seen the 'water' suggested just in the raked sand.  Earth is portrayed in the placing of rocks or boulders in the landscape.  And fire elements can be portrayed with lanterns placed about.  I find this style of garden beautiful but not practical if there are children and pets.  

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire add to the Oriental Garden

Reflective Gardens  are closely related to the Meditation style and the Japanese style.  

Reflecting ones life is difficult to accomplish in the hurry-scurry, day to day activities in which we find ourselves.  So a quite walk into the garden can calm me like no other place. Whether it is the reflection of the beauty of the plants, the colors , or the expansion of the mind to another place through the 'window' mirror,  -- this garden style appeals to many. 

One last garden design I want to present today is the Vertical Garden.

Many of us don't have large yards, or even a yard at all!  Patio gardens can benefit from the vertical surfaces as well as those of us who have small spaces.  

 Taking advantage of a wall can add planting space and an easy space to maintain. Many of us are gardening with sore knees, or backs  that remind us that we are aging.  Vertical gardening is an extension of our gardening space and extends the pleasure for those of us who have a few aches and pains.  

There are many other themes for garden designs, that I'll discuss later.  Thanks for visiting today.  These winter months are a great time to make plans for your unique garden design.

What is your garden style?   

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