Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Organic Fertilizer – Formulas for Various Applications

Applying Organic Fertilizers 

Recently, I received a request from Winchester Gardens organic fertilizers asking me  to try their products and review the results. 
100_0260  100_0261
The products are being used for the spring digging, dividing, and top dressing the beds in my garden as well as in a garden of my friend, Marybeth. I don’t have any berry bushes, but a fellow Garden Clubber does.  After a renovation of her own, Marybeth has cleaned up and replanted her raspberry bushes. 

100_0283 100_0289

As Marybeth's crop of berries matures this season, we will get a ongoing update on the benefit of these fertilizer spikes from Winchester Gardens. 
Bone Meal, and Feather Meal make this product a great source of organic material.
In our garden, we have spread the Winchester Gardens  All Purpose granules around the newly transplanted clematis. This is part of the ongoing renovation of our yard.
100_0316 100_0319100_0329
100_0362 100_0366
Existing beds of astilbe and hosta got a top dressing of the All-Purpose 7-5-5, Winchester Gardens Fertilizer.
100_0370 100_0318

This worn-out arbor has been removed, along with the old climbing rose, Blaze, and two clematis which have been moved to the white trellis at the fence.
As with the top feeding of some of the beds, we gave the new seeded area a feeding of organic fertilizer from Winchester Gardens, too. 
As I continue to move the gardens around, I will use the Bone Meal fertilizer from Winchester Gardens when I relocate the daffodils.  I need to move them before the tops fade so I can move the entire clump.
The Bone Meal will promote good root growth making the transplanting successful.   The Herb Fertilizer will be used in the garden when I plant basil, and parsley once the danger of frost has past.  In my zone 6 garden, that will be May 15. 
Thanks for stopping by today.Winchester Gardens

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Sunray Gardens said...

Hope your Hosta wasn't affected like mine a few days ago. Quite a number of mine that were fully leafed out were hit hard from the freeze. Sure these last couple days haven't helped them along either.
Cher Sunray Gardens