Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Herbaceous and Woody Perennials

Perennials - Plants That Return Year After Year

Herbaceous perennial plants are classed as such by their soft, green stems.  Typically this plant group dies back to the ground in the winter but the roots go dormant.

Woody perennial plants have a shrub structure and the woody stems remain in form in winter.  Woody perennials go dormant in winter and grow from the woody stems again in spring.

Here are a few herbaceous perennials I have in my garden. 
  100_0427 White Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis

 100_0428Pulmonaria, Lungwort

100_0429 Hardy Geranium, Cranesbill (unknown variety)

“Big Root”, variety is an evergreen ground cover in my garden. This mound is still considered a hardy, herbaceous perennial.


100_0440 Dicentra eximia, “ Luxuriant “- Dwarf Bleeding Heart
100_0438 Columbine is an herbaceous perennial.  It produces many seeds that I let fall into the garden as it is a short-lived perennial lasting only about 2-3 years.

    100_0444 Iris, is yet another  herbaceous perennial that grows from rhizomes, the fleshy root section that sits near the soil surface.
Heuchera, 'Dolce Peach Melba'. is a semi-evergreen herbaceous perennial plant native to the United States.
 Heuchera, “Dolce Key Lime Pie”
 100_0452 Heuchera, “Green Spice” This one has deep red veining and stays fresh looking all year.
  100_0454 100_0453
100_0455 Clematis, an herbaceous perennial, that vines upward with tendrils that cling to itself or a support.  Here I’ve used trellises and bird netting for their support.

Hosta, Variety Unknown
Hosta, are herbaceous plants that die to the ground each autumn. Mid-to-late March in my zone 6 garden, they start sending up their pointed heads.

Hosta, 'Great Expectations'

Astrantia, also known as Masterwort (unknown variety) was unknown to me a few years ago. This herbaceous plant is a charmer and I've seen several varieties in the catalogs. May have to expand my collection!
100_0475100_0484 Fern - herbaceous

These are a few of the woody perennials I have.
Honeysuckle vine never did go dormant this past winter due to the mild temperatures. The early blooms are gorgeous, but I have yet to see the hummingbirds visit it. It’s is a favorite of the hummers due to the trumpet shaped flower.
Hydrangea Buds, “Annabelle”. This is the hydrangea we transplanted last summer when we lost the pine tree. I’m thrilled to see that they didn't stress too much from the move, and again, the mild winter probably helped.

100_0465Diablo’ Ninebark plants are deciduous flowering shrubs native to North America.
100_0464 Nine Bark is a woody plant that has burgundy leaves and white flowers. 
Wiegilia,' Wine and Roses'(R)

  Wiegelia is a woody shrub also has the darker leaves and bright pink blossoms. 
Knockout Rose, 'Sunny'(R)
Roses are a hardy, woody plant.

Climbing Hydrangea –  a woody perennial plant.  The bark exfoliates into these really delicate looking patterns.

Exfoliating bark of Climbing Hydrangea

Japanese Maple 
Japanese Maple –  just had to show the brilliant color this spring!  It’s really doing it’s ‘happy dance’!

I hope you can get out and enjoy your Spring.  c

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Lona said...

Wow Claudia! Girl you have so many wonderful blooms in your garden. Yours is even further ahead of mine. Your Honeysuckle is so pretty and I imagine it smells so good. The roses are gorgeous. Have a lovely week.