Thursday, June 7, 2012

Updating Garden Accessories

Fresh, Easy, Economical Accessory Updates

Spring really came on strong in my Zone 6 garden.  Bright green foliage, and vibrant blooms emerged after our mild winter.  Unfortunately, my garden object d’art looked quite sad.  Fading, peeling, and rusting accessories were not acceptable.   So, do I pitch them into the garbage, or refresh, and reclaim?  Let me show you some of the items that have been reinvented with nothing more than cans of spray paint.

100_0546  100_0550
Lime Green transformed the sconces for the wall.  The cone mesh vase is filled with aquarium rocks and painted green too.  The plant is a fuchsia and I have it hanging in the front tree with dappled shade.
100_0548 These troughs were really ugly with peeling paint and ripped and torn cocoa liners.  A little sandpaper and  a can of white spray paint and new liners, and I’m proud to have visitors to my front door see the dragon winged begonias and coleus.
100_0676 100_0677

An old rusty rake and hoe were repainted  to make up this collage on the fence.  The orb is an old softball screwed in from the back and a small shelf has a birdhouse that hubby made.
This is our ‘Greeter’.

100_0556 This fish is the lime green and can be purchased through Winchester Gardens at . Really cute!
100_0557 100_0558
These candle holders were repainted in a mellow yellow.  
100_0674 100_0560
The metal base here was old, rusty, and was originally white.  Now, I feel these colors really help tie the patio together with lime green mirror frame and the mello/yellow lamps.

100_0561 100_0562 100_0675
Clear water Blue is featured here.

100_0679 100_0680 100_0681
This ‘frames’ were originally shutters.
100_0570 100_0572 100_0571
Old window boxes add dimension to the fence.
100_0573 100_0593
100_0574 100_0567 100_0678
Recycle, refurbish, reclaim, repurpose.  Relax and enjoy your space. Thank you for stopping by today. 
Winchester Gardens gave me the products in exchange for a product review.
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