Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shrubs, Vines, Fences for Privacy

Hide a View - Or Need Privacy? 

Pick one that is right for your space.

Bowood-climbing-cuc fence-lattice-morguefile-225x300

Whether it is a view of the neighbors….

or a view of utility gauges….
viburnum hedge

or to limit a view from the street…..
there are many options available.

live willow fence
Artistic shapes give unique character.
hfen_hecke1 hedge_03
Some options require more maintenance that others.
mock orange
Blooms add to the screen – a thing of beauty.
virginia creeper circle gate front_door_entrances_9
Gates can enclose your gardens, yet be inviting.
Overhead screens of vines can offer much needed shade, and a free standing planter can break up a boring wall, as well as extending the vertical garden.

images (2)
Panels can be classic or funky! 
Make your space private and cozy. Screen just a corner, or the whole garden.  Enjoy.
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