Monday, July 16, 2012

Drought Tolerant Plants–Very Pretty

Perennials That Need Little Water

Perennials that can stand the heat can help redeem the otherwise scorched landscape.
Stunning may be exaggerating this season considering the heat and drought.  However, as I inspect the garden, several areas seem to be holding their own.
Silver Scrolls, Heuchera, is vibrant.  Located in full shade seems to be ideal.
The blue fescue still has a great color.
The Lavender, Hidcote, is right at home in the dry, hot south side of the house.The blooms have faded already, but may rebloom later in the fall.

 100_0880 100_0879
This silver leaf of the Lungwart still looks fresh. 
Sedum is thriving.  The silver succulent loves this weather. Two varieties here, with one blooming yellow. 
These Hosta get watered regularly and they are hanging in there.
Lungwort, again, gets water.  They tend to wilt and get powdery mildew, but they are surprisingly resilient.
The Russian Sage has full sun this year. We took out an ash tree last year that had been shading this area. So the Perovskia atriplicifolia, or Russian Sage has never looked better. 
Liriope , Silver Dragon, is stunning.  This silver/green grassy plant is drought tolerant and looks ‘cool’. 
The Painted Japanese Ferns in shade, do get supplemental water. The silver fronds and deep burgundy veins are a favorite of mine.
Shasta Daisy and Daylilies have a cheerful attitude!
Yarrow, Achilliea, and Coneflowers, Echinacea, make a great pair.  Even better since their need for less water is the same.
The Monarda, Bee Balm, (unknown variety) is hanging in there with some powdery mildew, and blooms that are reemerging after a good drink. 
The white allium is just blooming, as is the Casablanca Lily.  The white is refreshing in this heat. The lily has an awesome aroma as an extra bonus.
The Sedum, Autumn Joy, is blooming several weeks earlier than usual.  It’s pale pink will deepen into a dark rose by autumn.  This, too, does well in low water situations. 
Heat and water have really been issues this summer, but with minimal supplemental water, these plants will serve us well. 

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Rebecca said...

You are far more knowledgeable than me about your plants & gardening. I so enjoy learning. Mostly I "do" perennials and have many of the ones you show here.

About the lavender.....I didn't harvest it. Do you think if I would cut it back it WOULD bloom out again? Possibly??? And do you know a way to multiply it? Can I root divide?