Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Garden Reno–Getting a New Look

Garden Gets a New Look

This terrible view from patio is going to be the next project.  Anything we don’t know what to do with, gets dumped here. 
Old concrete, tree sticks, old chairs, fence panels, vases, miscellaneous rocks and brick – Simply an eyesore.
Did I mention broken plastic lights?  100_1077  This ash tree was half taken out by the neighbor’s tree last month in yet another storm.   And since it is an ash, and the potential for future infestation of the emerald ash bore, we are going to have it removed. 
100_1084  The two hawthorns in the front yard are going away too.  See the tilt of the one on the left?  It’s got sawdust at the base, and I’m sure the next breeze we get will have it heading right into the garage.  The tree in the forefront has sucker growth so dense that I can not begin to prune them out. 

100_1083   Unfortunately, these trees face east and get all the morning sun.  And I have the bed beneath planted with hostas. So, just as we did last summer, I have got to find a new home for these plants.
The tree trimmers will be trampling the areas. So I’ve moved benches, yard art, and plants before they get
here.  100_1092

The bright gold hosta in the photo is H. ‘Paul’s Glory’. And I moved a golden edger in the second picture.  Already had a couple of edgers here, and by filling in the border, the space now looks like it was ‘planned’ that way.  100_1095

The other tree that needs some attention is a Little Leaf Linden.  I’m not sure why, perhaps the heat and drought, but the bark has split.  Since that branch looks weakened, we plan to have the linden cleaned up a bit.
The ash tree removal at the shed is pretty exciting.  Now we can expand the sitting area off the patio and have room for the grill, and a table.  The wood pile and other stacked up ‘stuff’ is going bye-bye.  I’ll keep this project updated soon. 
Just so we don’t seem like we start projects and don’t finish them, let me show the new border garden.  100_1089100_1090
We went to the garden center today and purchased 10# of grass seed.  And hopefully, with rain expected by Monday, we are pushing to get the organic fertilizer down, and the grass seed.  I figure we will be running the sprinklers for the next few weeks, but I’m already seeing green – at least in my dreams! 
I’m getting a real excitement watching this project form into something new and fresh.  Ultimately, the garden will be less maintenance, and the grass can be mowed relatively easily.  Thanks for stopping by today. 
How are your projects coming along?  Let us know what you are doing.  Claudia
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