Friday, October 26, 2012

Cottage Garden Visit On A Warm Fall Day

Cottage Garden in the Fall  

Received this from my friend Luanne Ebert this morning.  She tells the story of our visit to Smith Gardens in Oakwood.  Great memories and a great friend who is a photojournalist who 'takes the high road' here and abroad. 

Hi Claudia,
Here’s what I saw yesterday.
A lonely bench …
… a pensive pose …
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… a passerby on the way to explore the nearby cottage.
Nature preened into a manicure …
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… babbling waterfall …
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… two strangers in a happenstance meeting – no strangers to the joys of gardening.
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Thanks for a much needed break from the routine …

I hope you enjoyed a look at Luanne’s views of a lovely garden.  Claudia

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