Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garden Tools In a Digital World

New Technical Tools for the Gardener

I am not a techy.  I have no experience with the DVR, the MP 3 or the Digital Meat Thermometer. And I only know that my printer is wireless, because my hubby tells me it is.  So imagine my surprise when I found all of these garden tools in the electronics section.And since the holidays are fast approaching, you may want a heads up on some gifts that caught my eye for the gardener on your list. 

Many times I have see a flower bud has opened, and missed the process of opening.  So I was extremely  excited to see  a time lapse digital camera.  (Hint-Hint)  The concept is to set the timer for intervals, and catch to bloom at various stages of opening. At a price point about $100, the results will be priceless. 

BBC Photo 
Imagine this in motion and color!  

My birder friends will enjoy these spy cams for bird nests and bird houses.  The Hawk Eye Nature Cam by Birdhouse Spy Cam is the one I like.    

Hawk Eye Nature Cam

This last summer was so hot and dry, that I had the hoses on the yard and garden a lot. 

A timer on the spigot would have measured out the times, and saved me gallons of water when I forgot to get out there and turn off the hose.   These digital watering timers are in the $30 - $50 range, but I know when we are trying to conserve our resources anywhere possible, this will be a good investment.   

Orbit Timer

Many of us gardeners are turning our efforts indoors and houseplants are becoming our focus. Moisture issues become important here too.  More houseplants die from over-watering, that from neglect.  So a moisture meter may save a doomed plant from demise.These cost under $20.
Product Details
Moisture Meter
Product DetailsSadly, light in the house is diminished by shorter days, few windows, and dreary weather.  A zero energy footprint by LED lighting is going to pick up the slack where outdoor conditions leave off. These systems can offer pinpoint light to a certain plant, or a bank of lights to cover a shelf of containers.  The grow lights for plants can be energy efficient and put on timers to give the correct amount of light needed. Depending on the system, these lights cost $15 - $125.

Grounded Digital Grow Light Timer

If your gift list has a gardener on it who like to start plants from seed, this seed tray with heat pad will give the seeds the right temperature and moisture to get going.  I found the bottom heat from the pad gave the tray the even, consistent temperatures to get good germination.Cost is about $35.
Product Details
Seed tray with heat pad

The techy gardener and those of us who are 'not so much' will enjoy these tools.  As you can tell, I'm really getting into the season, and I hope you have a good holiday too.

What is on your 'wish list'?
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