Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Gardeners

20 Gift Ideas For The Gardener on Your List

So you have a family member or good friend who gardens.  What sort of gift does she want?  What kind of gift does he need?
Let's be honest, we gardeners, or those we know, are always on the lookout for something to feed our passions.  Here are just a few  gift ideas.....

These long cuff leather gloves are perfect for the rose garden - thorns are less likely to snag forearms and fingers.

Some wind chimes are made of bamboo, some of multi-tonal metal, and like this blue one, glass.

Yard Art

These glass yard ornaments take on a magical element that any garden can use.

Pretty and practical - just tuck in a stem and watch to roots grow.

Waterproof  footwear let gardeners be classy, even in the mud.

Potted Gardens

Cute and Clever 

These small tabletop gardens are available at local garden centers and florists.  You could assemble this with a few supplies and give a 'creative' gift. 

This yard-sized can is handy outside, but smaller lightweight ones for houseplants are available too.

                                                        Outdoor clocks and thermometers

This gift will keep the gardener from 'letting the day slip away'--  well, at least, remind him to take time for a break.

The gazing ball is a familiar accent in the garden.  But today's gazing balls come with lights, or glow in the dark. They give the night time garden a whimsical element.

Hand Crafted Pottery

Many garden centers and local artisan centers will have unique pottery available.  Supporting local vendors is always rewarding for me. And your gift will be like no other.

This bird bath has a sprinkler-drip for moving water for the birds.  It is available at Wild Birds Unlimited.

Birdbaths can be ceramic, plastic, or glass.  

Feeders that attach to the outside of a window make bird watching an inside sport. The dine-around bird feeder is available here

Rain Barrels

Earthminded Rain barrel offers this good looking rain barrel with a planter to top it off.  Pretty and practical.

Try these classic pots with you favorite herbs for a fresh touch in all recipes all season long.

This is a 'money tree plant' also known as a Malabar Chestnut.   I've given this plant as office or housewarming gifts.  The five stem braided trunk is said to bring financial benefits into the  business or family.
If you give a houseplant as a gift, include a 'care sheet' for it.  The houseplant will have a better chance of survival, and the gardener will leave nothing to chance.   

Markers come in many sizes and shapes.  These copper ones can be etched with a pen for each plant identification. 

Many ergonomic tools are available for easier handling. We gardeners love our tools. 

Carts are a necessary tool for most gardens.  Some carts  have two wheels. Others have four wheels and flatbeds - and the standard wheelbarrow is a favorite in most gardens.

This mat is made from coir - a coconut fiber that is a very renewable material.

Garden Center Gift Cards

Buy a gift card or discount member card.  Most Garden Centers offer them and your gift can be used whenever your gardener seeks the latest 'must haves'.

So even though  it does not feel like gardening weather, the holidays are not that far off.  It is time to consider what your gardeners can use.  Your gift to your gardener will be enjoyed throughout the years.

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