Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Bird Songs

The Sky was Ringing

This was the scene in our front yard yesterday.  Thousands of birds, Starlings, I believe, swarmed like bees.  First the cloud of wings would flutter overhead, then the trees would be a landing spot.  Take a look. 

Birds  in the 'Hood

Starlings Stopping to Rest

The birdbath, feeders and neighboring shrubs offer all the birds a drink and a meal and a place to rest.   I am amazed at this quite large community of fowl, and the seemingly seamless maneuvers. The little things never cease to amaze me.  Isn't life grand!


Jason said...

We have lots of starlings, this time of year they are eating crabapples, hawthornes, and other fruit.

Autumn Belle said...

Their sounds are music to my ears.