Monday, December 17, 2012

Garden Gifts are Blessings

The Gift of Touch – Blessing #7

Touching and feeling are sensation of the body and can be quite enjoyable.
 The garden offers many  gift opportunities to feel that - touchcrunchy leaves

From the cool soft grass between our toes, to the crunchy leaves that dissolve like powder when we touch them, the sensation of touch is a gift.

choosing watermelon - touch
Picking our crop of watermelon, or cucumbers, or apples, touching can reveal any imperfections or if the produce is ripe. The sense of satisfaction is in knowing we grew it ourselves.

fuzzy peach - juices touchThe gift of touch is a two-fer when eating a fresh, fuzzy, juicy peach.  The peel has a soft fuzzy feel, and the juice
running through our finger is unforgettable. A blessing two-fold.

hands planting - touchhands in soil - touch
I rarely garden in gloves.  I like the feel of the loose, warm soil too much.

 dandylion touch

And the soft dandelion against the cheek is a touch I won’t soon forget.

grass seedheads - touch

Who can resist running their fingers through the plumes of an ornamental grass.  Soft, nice.

Lamb's ear 02 resized for webOne of the first experiences I share with my grandkids is the softness of lamb’s ear.  Usually timid to try, but once they do, they seek out this plant to touch every visit. What a blessing to share this gift with little ones.

hand rose petal - touch 123fr The velvet rose petal is shared with little ones too. 

cool pump and water - touchThe old well pump may not seem like a gift from the garden, but don’t you remember the cool metal feel, and the energy you needed to pump water from one of these things.  I do.  And I must admit the cool water that came was a blessing on a hot summer afternoon.

cool water touch
Setting up the sprinklers was a nice touch. Cool droplets on the skin ....

rain in face - touch 123fr Sometimes we cannot time the giving of a gift, but it is a blessing all the same.

The surprise of an innocent child to her first touching experience in the garden is a blessing.


The best gift of touch from the garden is a warm hug.

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