Friday, December 14, 2012

Garden Gifts Are Blessings

Gift of Lights–Blessing #4

I am not a photographer but I know art when I see it.  The gift of light makes many ordinary scenes in the garden a work of art. I  have missed many opportunities of seeing true art  by taking a glance instead of soaking in the view. The mere act of focusing on a view will demonstrate the effects light has to truly transform a scene. Here are a few gifts of light that are beautiful if not stunning. A true blessing.
The pathway will change its colors as the light changes during the day. The greens will fade in the shade to a muted tone, while the whites will stand out in the absence of direct light.  The puddles of light on the leaves add a dimension to this garden that will change minute by minute. bright sunny snowy garden 123fr

The light on this sunny afternoon is reflecting from the snow and the colors are washed out.  As the evening comes, this scene will also change into a scene of grays and tans, that give the winter garden its charm.

dawn in the garden
Dawn in the garden offers a light that slants into the foliage, and the early morning mist gives a foggy texture to the landscape. The morning light shadows these trees into long images, and the contrast of the leaves and bark are dark and their details are lost in the shadows.


The light filtering through these hardy begonia was breath-taking.  The red veins could be seen and the shadows showed the textures.  Light has a way of changing what we see.  The gift of light is a Blessing.


These shadows on a fence flutter and give movement.

Highlighting these leaves is yet another gift that light throws into the garden.


Dusk reduces the light in the garden, and colors seem to blend into each other. I like this calm image with no riot of colors to excite the eye. This respite is a blessing after a busy day and allows us to relax and anticipate the rest at the end of the day that is to come.
Outdoor lighting that is in the night garden can extend the use and the beauty of this space.

lights featurelights
The tall lamps make the steps into the yard visible at night for safety and allow the patio to be used well into the night. 

The up-lights feature these trees that would otherwise be unseen in the darkness. The structure of these trees is visible in a whole new light.

Take each opportunity to realize the difference light makes in the garden and enjoy the moment.   Light is a blessing.


Gaia Gardener: said...

I would love to see several of those scenes in photos taken throughout the day, showing how the changing light changes the highlighting and the overall composition! A very evocative post.

Claudia Fugate said...

Gaia - I agree, that the comparisons would be great - I'll mark my spot and try to do this in the next few weeks. Thanks for the visit, and have a great day.

Angie said...

You've certainly given me food for thought Claudia - I'll stop too think the the next time I take a picture in the garden - I'm one of those who just point and click!!