Thursday, December 13, 2012

Garden Gifts are Blessings

Gift of Family - Blessing #3

I envy folks who have a warmer climate than I do.  Because family gatherings are a great time in the garden.  But I like to extend my outdoor time with family even in the winter.  What fun to gather outside in the garden with the family and sit close and laugh at the absurdity of my party. 

winter bonfirewinter garden party

A winter bon fire never felt so good.  Sharing an afternoon or evening outside  with family is great anytime.

family in garden

The garden gives us many chances to gather and be blessed spending time with family.  Watching the children play and laugh is a gift I’ll never turn down.


Sharing all aspects of gardening with the family makes the outdoor space personal and function.  That’s why I see so many families trekking off to the garden center.  Showing the kids all the steps of gardening, from sowing seeds, to amending the soil, and planting a pretty space is a gift they will hopefully nurture all through life.

family at garden center
I remember a summer long ago when my first grandchild and I planted carrots.  He was so excited to help water and weed and harvest our little gems from the soil.  But that is where the experience hit a snag!  He would not eat the carrots because he saw the ‘mud’ on them and no matter how much I washed them – no way was he going to put them in his mouth. I tell this story often – such a blessing.

Gardens always draw the family around.  Generations gather and share family stories and just enjoy the company and the outdoors. 


Family bonding is assured when the guys circle the campfire and share. The outdoor space – the yard, the garden, the woods, or patio – is a gift any family will come to treasure. A Blessing, indeed.
Tell us of a family moment that you found to be a gift. 
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