Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Blooms–Holiday Color

Local Garden Center Has the Holiday Blooms

And the Holiday Spirit

Had a lovely evening at Knollwood Garden Center last evening.  As third generation of this Scott family owned business, John, Rob, and Carey hosted a Ladies Night Out.  Featured was jazz guitarist, Danny Voris who played holiday music for the crowd.  And did we have a crowd.  Food, and wine vendors were on hand to let us taste their products, and then there were the Holiday blooms. 

Cyclamens, Gloxinia, Christmas Cactus, and Poinsettias were everywhere. Holiday blooms that were displayed across three greenhouses.

Many Poinsettias are Grown by Knollwood
Knollwood Offered a Nice Buffet

Craft Jewelry makers, and specialty cupcake vendors were offering that something special for the gift giver or a holiday party. 
Double Bloom
Poinsettias of Many Colors and Shades
This Cortez really picks up the Orange 
Of course, the Christmas Trees and decorations were crazy good.  100_1587100_1591
Any style desired – from Country to Contemporary – spruce up your holiday decorations with a new featured item.  Oh, what fun…..HoHoHo...
Woodland Accessories
This display features a ‘Lemon Cypress’, center-back  (smells yummy, by the way!).  Many colors of Christmas Cactus were available, from the red, pink, and even a peachy one.  So pretty!
Porch Pot 
This Porch Pot has birch logs, Magnolia stems, balsam, and cedar boughs, and a huge pinecone.
100_1602Water features in the garden or even in the front hallway (yes, indoors) offer a little ambiance to the holiday decorations.
Houseplant baskets and bowls are a great way to bring Holiday blooms into the room.  These incorporated Wandering Jew with Rex Begonia, Ferns, Ivy, Maiden Hair Fern, and little Creeping thyme.


I am not familiar with this plant – Medinnilla, magnitica.  Pamphlet indicated it has these pendulous blooms 3 – 5 months a year.  Wow.  Foliage was a nice dark green, and the blooms were huge.I may go back for this one.
Pentas gives this arrangement color
Bird feeders and accessories are always a great holiday gift. 

This triple color poinsettia was my purchase at the Ladies Night Out at Knollwood Garden Center.  It is stunning, and according to John, an owner, he only got three of these in ---- I feel so special!

If the holiday bug has not bitten you yet, visit a garden center or conservatory for a Bloom filled boost.  I sure did. Came home Humming Jingle Bells!   Knollwood has not compensated me for this article,  I just really enjoyed the Holiday Blooms.
What kind of Holiday blooms do you seek this time of year? 
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