Friday, January 4, 2013

Patio and Garden Ideas for Winter

Patio and gardens can be used all year - even the winter. During the holiday party season, I was interested to note that frequently the guests would migrate out into the patio or garden. Just because it is cold outside, doesn't mean the use of this space should be ignored.  A mild evening or a frosty chill in the air is no excuse to put the patio on ice.
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Decks and patios will need to be cleared of ice and snow.  Wood decking and pavers should not be difficult to sweep clean.  If the ‘spill-over’ from a party heads out to the patio, make the patio comfortable. Have dry seating available.  Most patio and lawn furniture can withstand the cold and snow so relegating them to the garage for winter is probably not necessary.

These folks are prepared for the outdoors with warm hats, and sweaters.  But what if the ‘spill-over’ guests are not quite as prepared.  Here are a few items that can make the patio and garden year round ready.
heater infrared
Infra-red heater

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Table top heater
outdoor heater
patio heater

patio heaters

These patio heaters come in various styles from the spot-light electric heaters, or the infrared mounted types to propane fueled standing types.  Some heaters hang down like a lighting pendant for warmth overhead.  The warming feature of these appliances can make a cool evening outdoors more comfortable. The table tops heater will allow diners to extend the evening.

lights party lights
Since evenings in the winter come early, patio lighting would help the party atmosphere.  Many styles and price points are available to make patio and garden classy and useful.Outdoor lighting is always a good addition to the landscape.

grillingwinter grilling

Grilling does not have to be limited to summer barbecues   The avid griller will never use the weather as an excuse to not use the grill.  So why pack the grill up and store it in the shed?  Grilling is a year round experience.
And if your have this beauty in the yard, don’t make it a conversation piece about how much you liked it last summer!  Clean it off and use it.

Remember when we were kids, and couldn't get into snow suits fast enough – the outdoors was calling!  So it is now with hunters, cross-country skiers, and ice skaters who love to be outside.

Hunter's firepit
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Bon Fire
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fire pits

The fire pit or bon fire have a certain romance about them.  Draw people outside to a fire pit in your yard or patio.
patio heater

The holiday parties may be over, but don’t forget the Super Bowl. ( Of course any excuse for a party will do.)
party drinkssuper bowl chili

A big pot of simmering chili – on the grill- and a few brewskies will go a long way to enjoying  the patio and garden all winter.

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Winter is a long season to be waiting for something to do outside – so get out there and enjoy it now.


Angie said...

It's great to make use of the garden all year round. I enjoy nothing better than sitting outdoors, especially first thing in the morning. It wakens up the senses!
The only time I don't do it is when it's absolutely chucking it down!

the blonde gardener said...

I love all the outdoor heating options! And they look nice on the patio as well.

Laurrie said...

We put a freestanding fire bowl in our gravel garden, turned on the spotlights on that side of the house, brought out some wine and cheese and had a December party in front of a roaring fire. It was lovely, except for the fact that our parkas smelled like smoke for days after! But such fun anyway. All of your options here are great suggestions for a winter party.

Claudia Fugate said...

Thanks Laurrie - Your party sounds like a success. Stay well. c