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Errors are a great teacher and make for a wiser experience. I have learned my garden methods and style from years of trial and error. I share these mistakes and the lessons I've learned in my speaking engagements, and in my writing.

These lessons are insightful, and will help you find a freedom and delight in tackling your garden projects. When, where, how, and, most importantly, why do we do the things we do will go a long way in helping you envision a space and create a space that you and your family will find enriches your lives.  In this process of creating your space, I will give details of plants and plant problems. Soil health and the reasons to grow green will be explored. Water and air pollution, as well as health issues that we can eliminate with organic methods will be highlighted. We will get into the digging, mowing, watering, and pruning, all for the sole purpose of  inspiring  you to actually look at your space and enjoy what you have. 

Some of my readers have this to say about Gardening Naturally:  

Very good post. You've given a lot of information, and some great explanations. from Holly Garden.
I am so glad someone is talking about organic gardening. Keep it up.

I enjoyed this post. It has given me food for thought over the winter months. So far as success goes with companion planting, I seem to have succeeded in growing things together that enjoy similar conditions. I'll certainly give thought to planting to keep off pests.

Thank you very much for all this information, I always enjoy your posts and of course I learn a lot!!! My herb garden is giving me some trouble, it's too hot here,and I picked some useful ideas to give it shade ! thanks .besos. Lilián

I've tended plants from a very early age.  This 'mother-in-laws tongue' in the picture above was on my grandparents porch and I still have it in my entry way today.  I'd calculate the years, but I need to keep some secrets!

As a Certified Landscape and Nursery Tech, I worked in area garden centers for several years. I also worked with a group of gardeners who tended gardens for numerous clients.  As I embrace natural, organic gardening, this work was a lot of hand weeding and mulching and very satisfying at the end of the day.  .

I have developed slide presentations, and give talks to various garden clubs, and organization.  I have a list of talks available. Visit my Talk Topics page for details.

I cannot say I'm finished learning, and the joy I feel from growing a plant has made me a grateful gardener.

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